What to Expect From Your First Time Dabbing

So there we are, sitting around watching South Park when our friend turns to us and says, “Hey, I got some wax. Wanna dab?”

Little do they know, we’ve never taken a dab before, we don’t even really know what a dab is, and we have no idea what to expect. If we find ourselves in this situation, here are some considerations we should make to prepare for what’s to come. Dabbing isn’t scary, but it helps to have a basic understanding of what to expect to ensure a good experience.

Is dabbing safe?

We’ve all heard stories of amateur, at-home drug labs exploding as a result of improper production, but does dabbing pose any real cause for concern for the average user? Despite the lack of formal scientific research on the matter, empirical data suggests that dabbing poses fewer health risks than traditional smoking.

When producing concentrates, the active ingredients are stripped from the plant, leaving a much purer product to be consumed. And, the act of dabbing removes combustion, a concerning element of conventional smoking.

The only potential danger of dabbing is found not when concentrates are consumed, but during the extraction process. Extraction can be tricky, and many amateur ‘chemists’ think they know enough to try it on their own. In the best scenario, a low-quality product is produced. When things go bad, a house blows up. It’s really not worth the risk and should not be tried at home. Let’s make it clear: Yo Dabba Dabba DOES NOT recommend anyone who does not have professional training to attempt making their own concentrates.

Tips and guidance for first-timers

If we’re considering trying out dabs for the first time, here is some advice to help us on our way.

 • Steer clear of low-quality concentrates

Purchase our concentrates from a dispensary that provides verified lab results to ensure we have a quality product.

• Go slow: Dabs are substantially more potent than flower

Dabs are a lot stronger than flower, so if we’re new to the game, it’s best to start off small. The powerful high caused by concentrates can be too much for some less-experienced users. On occasions, these users have reported panic attacks. On the bright side, the high potency level of concentrates make them a life-changer for people looking for immediate pain and symptom relief. Dabs have allowed patients to receive the proper amount of potent and fast-acting medication when most needed.

• Stick to quartz or grade 2 titanium dab nails

When shopping for our first nail, it is important to know the difference between materials used, and which is most suited for dabbing. Quartz is the go-to popular choice because it’s the purest material and allows for the best flavor. If we’re going with a TI nail, stick with grade 2 as it’s unalloyed, ‘commercially pure’, has a low heat resistance and gives off minimal to no harmful byproducts when heated.

What to expect from your first time dabbing

Being aware of what to expect when taking our first dab can help us be mentally prepared for the effects we’ll feel.

  1. Our first dab will hit us hard, so be very careful.
    We can always do more, but we can’t do less! As we’ve mentioned, they’re called “concentrates” for a reason. A dab of some quality wax can do more than a joint. Surely, one of our friends has an awesome story about how they took too big of a dab and spent the next hour coughing, sweating, and checking their pulse. We don’t want to be that person. Keep in mind that we cannot overdose – and nobody ever has – but we can dab too much, leading to uncomfortable highs, vomiting, and, in some cases, passing out. So remember: dab lightly, especially for our first time.

  2. Say hello to the munchies… probably.
    After taking a dab, we’ll feel good. Then we’ll be thirsty. Then we’ll be hungry. We’ll be feelin’ good, thirsty, and hungry. Before we tell our friend that we’re down for a dab (as if we’ve dabbed a hundred times in our life), make sure we grab ourselves a glass of water (or two) and something to munch on. We’ll be glad we did.

  3. Once we go dabs, we don’t go back.
    Dabs are an easier way to get super clear, super quick results. Don’t be surprised if hitting a bowl just won’t do it anymore.

All in all, let’s make sure we enjoy ourselves, and most importantly, remember to start slow.

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