What Is 710?

Discovering 710: Demystifying the Stoner Holiday and its Friendly Nature

You might have come across the digits “710” in various places, from Reddit forums to Instagram hashtags. Now, we’re here to help you understand the hazy origins and true meaning of this widely recognized term and cherished holiday within the cannabis community.

What is 710? Is it similar to 420? Are we supposed to follow the 4:20 smoking tradition and light up at 7:10 am/pm? Do we celebrate on July 10th? Let’s dive into all your 710-related questions.

What is 710?

710, or 7/10, is a fairly recent term in cannabis culture compared to the well-established “420” moniker. In the world of dabbing, 710 refers to “oil,” and July 10th is now known as “OIL Day.”

If you take a look at the number upside down, whether written out or on a calculator, you can see that it resembles the word “oil,” which refers to cannabis concentrates or dabs—potent, long-lasting cannabinoid and terpene extracts.

When someone or something is described as “710 friendly,” it means they’re okay with dabbing in general. Essentially, being 710 friendly signifies that a person is comfortable with concentrate products and being around someone who uses them.

The History of 710

So, where did this three-digit number originate? Who was the first person to notice the similarity between 710 and the word “oil” while being high?

Unfortunately, the origins of 710 are still up for debate. Many people agree that the term gained popularity around the early 2010s in online forums and became more widespread with the introduction of the 7/10 Cup in 2012.

In 2014, High Times published an article acknowledging the significance of the holiday. The 7/10 Cup celebrates all types of cannabis concentrates and oils on July 10th.

The 7/10 culture started gaining traction when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize adult-use cannabis, paving the way for a thriving cannabis extract market.

States enforced building and extraction equipment codes to reduce the danger associated with working with flammable solvents like butane and propane.

Today, 710 is celebrated globally by indulging in a variety of concentrates, including vape cartridges, shatter, oil, wax, budder, sauce, crumble, live resin, hash, and other invigorating products.

Is 7/10 the New 4/20 for Cannabis Enthusiasts?

As stoners across the globe hold 4/20 near and dear to their hearts, it’s hard to imagine anything replacing its cultural significance or meaning. Although 4/20 will always be cherished, there’s room for more holidays and reasons to dab.

7/10 has emerged as a grassroots movement. As concentrates become more readily available, consumers have embraced them, and their popularity continues to grow compared to traditional flower. Industry publications and social media platforms are buzzing with mentions of this holiday.

Just take a look at the millions of posts on Instagram featuring hashtags like:


Celebrating Oil Day the Right Way

The best way to celebrate Oil Day is with a hearty dab or two (or three, you get the idea). If you’re new to dabbing, check out our beginner’s guide to learn how to dab correctly without burning your extract and leaving behind an unvaporized mess. Or, if you’re eager to deepen your dabbing knowledge, enroll in our free Dab University course to truly master the art of dabs.

What was once an insider’s term known only to a select few has now become an institution within the cannabis community. 710 Cups have popped up in various states (and Canada), celebrating the power of dabs on July 10th.

How do you celebrate Dab Day? It’s entirely up to you. Smoke a twaxed joint, sprinkle some kief on top of your bowl, or take a dab straight from your rig. There’s no wrong way to celebrate Oil Day. Create a tradition you’ll always remember.

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