Top 5 Dab Rigs Under $50

Exploring Affordable Dab Rigs: Top 5 Picks Under $50

In today’s world of dabbing, affordability is key. Many of us want to delve into the realm of concentrates without spending $400 on a high-end dual-percolator recycler. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best dab rigs under $50 that offer great taste and functionality. But first, here’s a brief introduction to dab rigs and a list of our top picks for affordable oil rigs.

Dab Rigs Demystified

Dab rigs come in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges, but they all fundamentally work the same way. They are essentially glass water pipes equipped with a banger for dabbing, and they tend to be smaller in size. Due to the delicate nature of terpenes found in concentrates, dab rigs are small to ensure the best flavors when dabbing your concentrates.

While some elaborate and expensive styles feature recyclers, percolators, and other intricate designs, many terpenes can be lost in the process. As a result, you might end up with a harder-to-clean rig that doesn’t taste as good. On the other hand, dab rigs under $50 usually offer superior hits, better flavors, and easier cleaning. Just make sure to choose reputable companies with high-quality borosilicate glass and avoid cheap, poor-quality glass.

Now, let’s dive into our top 5 picks for dab rigs under $50.

Best Dab Rigs Under $50

Here are our recommendations for the best rigs under $50. Each one is sturdy, portable, and made from high-quality materials. Plus, they’re all available in the United States, so you won’t have to wait ages for your oil rig to be shipped from abroad.

1. Terp Tube Lil Chugger

The Lil’ Chugger by Terp Tube is our top choice for dab rigs under $50. It offers exceptional suction and a clean, even draw. Standing at 5″ tall, featuring a small percolator, and available in various colors, these rigs deliver great taste and remain cool.

2. The Hive Rig

The Hive Rig is another excellent oil rig under $50. At only 4″ tall, it delivers a clean, terpene-rich taste every time. Although it can get a bit warm due to its small size, it provides one of our favorite dabbing experiences. Plus, you can’t beat its $30 price tag.

3. Terp Tube Fat Bottom Rig

Terp Tube consistently produces top-notch products, and the Fat Bottom Rig is perfect for those who are accident-prone. This beautiful, sturdy rig stands at 7.5″ tall with a wide base and a curved mouthpiece, making it ideal for a tabletop setup. Its small size and thoughtful design produce cool and flavorful hits.

4. Terp Tube Full Color Handbell

The Full Color Handbell is another fantastic Terp Tube product available in opaque blue or green. At 7″ tall with a straight mouthpiece and a fixed downstem, this rig is perfect for dabbing in a comfortable chair. Like other Terp Tubes, it’s made with high-quality glass, ensuring great flavors and cool hits.

5. Terp Tube Colored Lil Beaker

The Lil’ Beaker features a range of vibrant colors and a 3″ multi-slit downstem. Standing at around 6″ tall with a straight mouthpiece, this Terp Tube favorite is a must-have dab rig under $50.

Making Your Dabbing Experience Affordable and Enjoyable

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a great dabbing experience. With our top 5 dab rigs under $50, you can discover the world of concentrates without breaking the bank. When choosing a dab rig, remember that simplicity can often provide better flavor and smoother hits.

Keep in mind that the quality of the glass and the reputation of the company are essential factors to consider when purchasing a dab rig. High-quality borosilicate glass and a reliable brand will ensure your rig lasts longer and performs better.

Happy dabbing!

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