Terp Pearls: What Are They?

Terp Pearls: My Experience and How They Work

Terp pearls have quickly become my favorite add-on dab accessory. These tiny pearl-like balls not only enhance the functionality of my setup but also help me achieve low-temperature dabs that preserve those precious terpenes.

What are terp pearls?

Terp pearls, sometimes called dab pearls or terp balls, are small balls that spin around inside the quartz banger when I take a dab. They help distribute heat and disperse concentrates for big, satisfying draws. Terp pearls usually come in 4-6mm thickness and are most commonly made of quartz, borosilicate glass, and ruby.

Benefits of using terp pearls

As a dabber who loves huge and flavorful hits, I can’t get enough of terp pearls. This accessory significantly improves my setup and technique. With terp pearls, it’s much easier for me to achieve lower-temperature dabs—which is what we all want, right? This means I no longer have to worry about my banger getting too cold before all the oil is vaporized.

I used to hate when there was sticky residue left on the bottom of the banger because the oil didn’t get a chance to heat properly. But with terp pearls, I experience fewer “puddles” and enjoy more flavor.

How I Use Terp Pearls and Keep Them Clean

If you’re curious about how to use terp pearls, you’re in the right place. As a fellow user, I remember wondering if I should put my dab pearls in the banger before or after heating. It turns out it depends on personal preference, but most of us heat the banger with the terp pearls inside. I drop the pearls in, heat my banger, and let it cool to my desired temperature. Then, I load my concentrates, put the carb cap on, and take a hit that sends the terp pearls spinning.

Keeping terp pearls clean

If I don’t keep my pearls clean, I risk altering the taste of my dabs or preventing them from spinning properly. After every dab, I swab out my banger and the terp pearls inside with a q-tip. For a deep clean, I pop the completely-cooled pearls in an iso soak for about half an hour.

Choosing the right carb cap for dab pearls

Not every carb cap can get the terp pearls spinning, so I make sure to have a compatible carb cap (like a quartz cyclone cap) for proper function. Quartz disc caps, glass cyclone caps, and hatter caps also work great with the pearls.

Elevating my dabbing experience

In addition to terp pearls, quartz insert dishes are another popular add-on accessory that helps keep my banger clean and aids in achieving low-temperature dabs. Combining these accessories has truly taken my dabbing experience to the next level.

Experimenting with terp pearls and other accessories

As I continue to explore the world of dabbing, I love experimenting with different accessories to enhance my sessions. Terp pearls have become a staple in my dabbing routine, and I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative products to elevate my experience even further.

Sharing my terp pearl knowledge with others

As an enthusiast, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with terp pearls with fellow dabbers. Discussing our experiences and exchanging tips helps us all get the most out of our dabbing sessions. By staying informed about new products and techniques, we can create a more enjoyable and fulfilling dabbing experience for everyone.

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