What Is a Reclaim Catcher and How Does It Function?

What Is a Reclaim Catcher and How Does It Function?

If you’re a dabbing enthusiast and haven’t yet heard of a reclaim catcher, you might have an inkling of its primary purpose. The only disappointing aspect of owning a large oil rig is witnessing the wasted wax that falls through the piece, seemingly irretrievable. Fortunately, with a reclaim catcher, the little missed oil droplet can be reused and still provide a high.

What is a reclaim catcher?

An infographic demonstrates how a reclaim catcher fits into a dab rig with a banger, showcasing a blue and white silicone reclaimer inserted into a clear dab rig with a blue rim. Reclaim catchers collect the usable product that slips through the banger into your rig. These attachments are typically made of silicone and connect to the banger’s bottom, or they can be glass bangers with a built-in reclaim catcher. Instead of falling into the banger’s neck and spreading throughout the rig’s interior, the product is gathered in an easy-to-use dish.

How does a reclaim catcher work?

A close-up image shows a blue and white silicone reclaim catcher inserted into a clear and blue dab rig with a clear quartz 90-degree banger at the top. As concentrates melt against the glass, most of it vaporizes, but some condense during the process, cooling down before vaporizing. This can quickly clog your rig. However, the reclaim catcher collects all the unvaporized oil (untouched treasures) directly from the nail to the collector.

What are the different types of reclaim catchers?

Some bangers have a drop-down attachment that functions as a removable reclaim catcher. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate reclaim catcher, similar to an ash catcher on a bong. Reclaim catchers come in various sizes and lengths, but shorter ones generally yield more reclaim, particularly when dabbing at lower temperatures. This is because the wax has a longer path to travel to the reclaim catcher, allowing more time for it to cool and condense, potentially causing clogging before reaching the reclaim dish.

Why should I use a reclaim catcher?

Having an oil rig with a reclaim catcher offers numerous benefits. The most apparent advantage is saving wasted wax, extending the value of your investment. A less obvious benefit is keeping your rig cleaner for an extended period. Excess concentrates are collected neatly, and those undabbed wax droplets won’t clog your piece. You’ll find that your rig can go much longer without a deep cleaning than it could without a reclaim catcher. Simply changing the water should suffice for several sessions! In essence, reclaim catchers enhance the everyday functionality and longevity of your dab rig.

We all want to maximize our investments, making the reclaim catcher one of the most innovative dabbing accessories in recent times. Extend the life of your wax by reusing your reclaim and maintaining a clean rig for longer. When it’s finally time for a cleanup, pour some Ooze Resolution cleaning gel into your rig for a thorough, reusable clean.

How I Learned to Use a Reclaim Catcher

One of my favorite discoveries in the world of dabbing has been the reclaim catcher. It’s such a brilliant and simple addition to the dabbing hardware and accessories collection. Not only does it effortlessly collect reclaim for repurposing, but it also makes cleaning and maintaining the overall setup so much easier. There are various styles of reclaim catchers available, but they all serve the same purpose and function in a similar manner. That being said, it’s essential to know how to use this nifty accessory properly to make the most out of it.

My Journey to Mastering the Reclaim Catcher

Luckily, using a reclaim catcher turned out to be incredibly simple and intuitive. I made sure to get one that was high quality and compatible with my setup in terms of size and attachment style. Once I had my reclaim catcher, I followed these simple steps:

Step #1: I began by attaching the reclaim catcher to my nail or banger according to its attachment style. The reclaim catcher I purchased came with user instructions, ensuring a secure and proper attachment. Then, I attached my nail or banger to my rig as I normally would. I also found out that some dab rigs come with reclaim catchers already attached.

Step #2: I dabbed as usual. As I dabbed, the reclaim automatically collected in the catcher.

Step #3: After dabbing, I removed the reclaim catcher and collected the resin inside. Using a scraping tool, I made sure to get all of it out for repurposing or storing for later use. I could either put it back into my dab rig or integrate it into my dry herb sessions by placing it on top of the flower in a pipe or paper.

Note: I learned that reclaimed oils can be used to season a new banger or nail, which is a common practice. Alternatively, I could incorporate it into a recipe for edibles. How awesome is that?

Step #4: Lastly, I cleaned my reclaim catcher. Since it’s made of silicone, it was easy to clean by wiping it down with alcohol, rinsing it thoroughly, and letting it air-dry. I then reattached it to my nail or banger, ready for the next session. The silicone material makes it virtually unbreakable, so my reclaim catcher could last a lifetime.

A reclaim catcher has made my life so much easier by allowing me to effortlessly collect reclaim without any hassle. Before the invention of reclaim catchers, users had to resort to more involved methods, but this small accessory has changed the game. I just have to remember to clean it regularly to ensure my reclaim is always fresh and ready for repurposing as I see fit.

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