Live Resin: What Is It?

Discovering Live Resin

I’ve heard of dabs, shatter, and even CBD oil, but what about “live resin”? What is live resin, and how does it fit into the ever-evolving world of cannabis concentrates?

First, let me give you some background. Dabs (also known as wax, hash oil, honey, etc.) are a type of cannabis concentrate created by extracting cannabinoids from the plant using butane, alcohol, or other solvents. Smoking this thick, sticky oil provides a potent high and numerous potential medical benefits.

Dabbing has been trending across the United States for some time now, particularly in states like Colorado and Oregon, where marijuana is legal for recreational use. Even home production has gained popularity, despite its potential dangers. However, us cutting-edge cannabis enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new variations of our favorite pastime, and live resin is one of the latest innovations. Read on to learn what live resin is and what sets it apart from other concentrates.

What is live resin, you ask?

There’s one key difference between live resin dabs and traditional dabs: While standard dabs are made from dried, cured, and ground cannabis buds, live resin is made from freshly harvested marijuana flowers.

On a more scientific level, the distinction lies in the terpenes. Terpenes are a type of hydrocarbon found in many trees and flowering plants, particularly cannabis, and they give the plant its unique tastes and smells.

Why is live resin superior to other concentrates?

Live resin contains a more appealing terpene profile than cured buds because the curing process removes so-called monoterpenes while increasing sesquiterpenes. These complementary chemicals give cannabis its multi-layered aromas: Monoterpenes create light, “fresh” scents, while sesquiterpenes produce heavier flavors like pepper and hops.

As a result, live resin dabs offer a fresher, more flavorful experience than traditional dabs. An analysis by High Times magazine discovered that live resin contains about 2% more monoterpenes than standard oil but 11% fewer sesquiterpenes.

While some concentrate makers champion live resin for its medicinal properties, there’s limited evidence to suggest it gets users any higher than other forms of hash oil. Freezing marijuana doesn’t boost its THC or other cannabinoid levels, and THC concentration is the sole factor in cannabis potency.

How is live resin made, and can I make it at home?

To answer the latter question: Not unless you can afford extremely costly industrial lab equipment and cryogenic freezing machines. As for the former, the process is only slightly more complex.

The first step in producing live resin involves flash-freezing fresh whole cannabis flowers at very low temperatures. This prevents the degradation of terpenes and other chemicals that affect the quality of the final product. The resin is then extracted from the frozen bud and refined into smokeable dabs.

Live resin has its drawbacks, of course. It’s difficult to find and often quite pricey. Its production process is challenging, rendering home labs out of reach for most cannabis enthusiasts. Moreover, attempting to create live resin at home could prove dangerous, as several of the required steps can be fatal.

That said, if you can safely get your hands on live resin, it’s worth giving it a try. After all, we all love a good challenge, don’t we?

While the medicinal benefits of live resin are still up for debate, there’s no doubt that this innovative cannabis concentrate offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those who can find and afford it. However, it’s essential to remember that creating live resin at home is not only difficult but also potentially dangerous due to the equipment and processes involved.

So, if you’re curious about live resin and its place in the ever-evolving world of cannabis concentrates, remember to prioritize safety and always purchase from reputable sources. And as a true cannabis aficionado, keep exploring and experimenting with new and exciting ways to enjoy your favorite plant.

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