What Is a Honey Bucket Banger and How to Use It for Dabbing?

Honey Bucket nails have become one of the latest dabbing trends due to their ability to protect the joints on your rig (and your nail) from heat stress. However, they offer much more than just protection. But what are honey bucket bangers, and how do they work? Here’s everything you need to know.

The new type of dab nail

A honey bucket banger is a new type of dab nail that exists in a league of its own and offers a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else. When you Google what a honey bucket is, you won’t find much flattering information. These things are like action figures with a lever-activated arm and are fun to use. The component is fixed to a nail that can be swung in and out of the main chamber, aka the bucket itself. They protect the joint of your nail and your rig by positioning the heat away from the joints themselves.

Honeybuckets are like the kings of airflow.

They utilize special carb caps that sit on top of the main chamber after the arm is swung down, which turns it into an oven. The nail will heat the room, so as you circulate your dab inside, it can reheat itself. That means you can get insanely good hits and flavors and enjoy those low-temp dabs long enough to vaporize the globe.

How to use the honey bucket

Using a honey bucket banger is pretty straightforward! You need to swing the arm out to heat it. It works like a sidearm nail, so you’ll heat the banger up while the arm is positioned away from you and your rig. Then, you’ll swing it down into the chamber once it hits your ideal temperature. You drop your concentration in with a dab tool and cap it.

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