Dabbing Etiquette

Dabbing Etiquette From My Perspective

There’s nothing worse than feeling like a newbie, but no worries, I’ve got your back! I’m here to help you stay relevant and respectful with dabbing etiquette that will elevate your sesh and everyone involved.

Dabbing is a fantastic way for me and my friends to bond and strengthen our relationships. People have been passing the peace pipe for centuries, and for a good reason. It’s a way for us to chill out and strike up conversations. By following these tips, our dab sessions stay enjoyable, and our friends keep coming back for more.

1. Making sure we know what to expect when dabbing

If it’s your first time dabbing, I suggest educating yourself and getting prepared before joining our first sesh. Even if you’ve been smoking flower for decades, dabbing is a whole new experience. The process and outcome are more complex than packing a bowl or rolling a joint. Dabbing is a technical affair, and the potency of wax often catches first-timers off guard. Avoid doing it wrong and getting too high. Make sure you fully understand how to dab and what to expect before giving it a shot.

As a daily dabber, I always show courtesy to any first-timers joining our dab station. Before passing the rig, I make sure to let them know what they’re in for. I even take on the responsibility of handling the torch and heat-up process for them to ease the pressure of their first experience. Keeping an eye on the dabber, I ensure newbies don’t load it up and take on too much. It’s not cool to let someone worry about looking cool to the point they end up with dab sweats and a load of anxiety. Instead, I offer to prepare their dab and let them swoop in when it’s time to take their first hit. This approach really takes the pressure off.

2. Letting the ladies be the first to dab

Forget passing it to the left; we let all the ladies in our group go first. As mentioned earlier, I even consider heating up the banger or loading the dabber if they aren’t completely comfortable with the process but still want to dab. It’s not about being sexist – #girlswhodab is one of my favorite hashtags to follow on Instagram. I’m just trying to make sure you get yours, girl.

3. Keeping our dab tools and accessories clean

The cleanliness of our tools and accessories directly impacts the quality of our dab. So, we make sure to keep everything clean. We give our rig and banger a monthly deep clean by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and water mixture or a 420 solution. We swab the banger with a Q-tip after every use and wipe the dabber clean after each dab. Keeping our glass clean allows the taste of our concentrates to shine, and a clean dabber ensures we don’t accidentally take a hot lint dab.

4. Prioritizing safety when dabbing (AKA, never touch a hot nail)

Above all, we keep everyone safe. Dabbing is more complex than smoking flower and requires high heat to work. This ties in with our first point, but it can’t be stressed enough: we make sure everyone knows how to dab or feels comfortable asking for help. A smooth dab sesh reduces the chance of accidents that could lead to serious burns.

As a dabbing connoisseur, I know never to touch a hot nail, but someone who has only smoked flower might be used to removing a bowl with their hands to clear the bong. It’s a habit, really. So, when dabbing with first-timers, I emphasize that point and drive home the difference.

Bottom line: Never, ever touch a hot nail or coil. Be cautious with open flames, and always remove the carb cap right after use because heat can transfer from the banger and burn whoever is next in the rotation.

5. Placing the dabber in a good spot

After I dab, I make sure not to just set the hot dabber down on the table. The tool is usually a bit hot and super sticky. Melted wax can easily transfer from the dabber to the tabletop, creating a mess or even ruining some surfaces. That’s why our dab stations are often equipped with silicone mats, stands, or ashtrays. I always put the dabber there.

6. Keeping extra dabbing supplies stocked

There’s nothing worse than going to take a dab only to have the torch go dead. If we’re not using an e-nail, we always keep an extra can or two of butane around. Without it, we’d have to use an alternate method or get creative. Bonus points if we’re also stocked up on iso or alcohol wipes, cold water, snacks, and, of course, plenty of wax.

7. Not wasting concentrates

Wasting concentrates can happen in various ways. If the banger is too hot when taking the dab, it’ll burn up cannabinoids and terpenes before they hit our lungs, essentially wasting expensive extracts. Or, if we take too big of a dab and can’t clear it all, that’s a waste (although someone could swoop in and finish it off if we’re really tight like that). If we don’t heat the banger up enough, that could be considered a waste, but we can do a cold start or ‘reverse dab’ to salvage the situation. *Pro tip*.

8. Contributing to the dab session when possible

Dabs can be pretty expensive, and our friends are super cool for smoking us out. We don’t take advantage of this generosity, or we’ll find ourselves being left out of group sessions and text messages. No one likes a freeloader, so we make sure to contribute. We show up to our friends’ houses with our own extracts to share, or we throw them some cash when they smoke us out. Alternatively, we invite everyone over to enjoy some of the fire rosin we just picked up, with pizza delivery included.

9. Avoiding over-dabbing

Yes, dabbing too much is possible, and it’s not pretty. Before launching ourselves into an anxiety attack from hell, we make sure to know our limits. If we’re first-time dabbers, we only take really, really small dabs. Remember: we can always dab more, but we can’t dab less. No one wants to hang out with someone who coughs until they pass out or suffers from serious dab sweats. To be invited back to the smoke circle, we play it cool and don’t dab like fools.

If we’re the hosts, we spread the word. Our guests might feel nervous or insecure about looking like a ‘newb’ during their first dab in public, but if we keep it cool and helpful, they likely won’t feel pressured to impress, which will probably eliminate the chances that they take too big of a dab. We don’t want to be jerks or end up babysitting. So, we stay humble and helpful.

10. Respecting other people’s extracts

Here’s a simple rule: if it’s not our wax, we don’t touch it (with our hands). Some people feel comfortable handling their concentrates without a dabber, but the general rule of thumb is to use one. If we’re dabbing at our best friend’s house, we probably feel comfortable picking up their silicone container and checking out their stuff. But, if it’s our first time dabbing with a new friend, we’re respectful and ask permission to look at or handle their concentrates. And, we don’t just assume they’re going to smoke us out.

By following these etiquette tips and prioritizing safety and cleanliness, our dabbing sessions become enjoyable, inclusive, and hassle-free. We make sure to be considerate of first-timers and help them through the process, ensuring that everyone has a great time. So, the next time you join a dabbing session, remember these guidelines, and you’ll be a dabbing pro in no time!

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